The Understanding of ‘Sky’ in Painting – A Paper

‘A Celestial Journey’

Richard Hamblyn
1 September 2005
Tate Paper

💭Owning ‘your’ void

💭The “Celestial Sphere” – a bubble of hope (Glass globe?) or unknown place?

💭A passage between the lively living and soundless spacial uncertainty

💭The reflection of time, the wall to the universe – talks about a “monochrome” space and its ability to transcend itself as a religious and “divine realm”

💭Personified? Acts as an obstruction to discovery, however also a place of dreaming

‘The Explorer’

“Though the topics of Marguerite’s projects vary, the constant in all of her major works, is the notion of high definition. “I’m interested in what it means when you apply it to physical things. I’ve been thinking a lot recently and realise that I’m basically creating worlds that exist without humans and I’m trying to remove any trace of humans in the way the pieces are fabricated as well””

Sketches (By Humeau)
FOXP2 (Exhibition and Soundtrack, 2016, premiered at Palais de Tokyo)