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nihilism wants to empty its pockets of everything including the space in the pockets–as if one could pull the nothingness out of the pocket itself to rid one of the inconsistency of the thing. “believing in” nothing is a defense against nothingness, a metaphysics of presence disguised as a sophisticated undermining of all pressure

Björk (email, Emails between Björk and Timothy Morton, October 2014, extracted from the publication Björk Archives

💭Develops a delicious and philosophically-rich mind that explores musicology by challenging traditional ideas with technological warmth, virtual and experiential learning, groundbreaking collaborations and the science of emotion.

💭Inspired, driven and desired to all fields of life

💭A poetic explosion of creative notions, understandings and solutions.

When Björk Met Attenborough (Screencap, film documentary, 2013)

One of my favourite things is the feeling of going into the unknown

Björk, (Crack Magazine interview, 2016)

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